“Michelle helped me make significant changes to upgrade the talent at our operating company. I have hired new managers that have increased productivity, efficiency and customer service. Coaching forced me to evaluate my own strengths and weaknesses. It helped me to identify where I need to improve, put a plan in place to address those needs and hold me accountable to follow through.”

– B.H., CFO & Executive Leadership Program participant

“I am more aware of my decision making process and have been more purposeful in seeking input and finding the root cause before making a decision. With Michelle’s help, I have been able to think ahead to the possible outcomes each decision may have in order to select the decision that creates the desired outcome. I am also using the power of silence – asking a question and then waiting for an answer when working through issues with staff. This has resulted in staff becoming more engaged, understanding the issue and offering possible solutions that they can drive.”

– J.C., Controller & Executive Leadership Program participant

“I worked with Michelle on my journey through coaching certification and standing up my coaching practice. She is energetic, compassionate and challenged me to go deeper, creating greater self-awareness. Her thought-provoking questions helped me reflect and become more conscious of the choices I was making. Her coaching gave me room to explore — I discovered that what I want to build now requires letting go of some beliefs and habits that had brought success in the past.

Michelle’s encouragement helped me stay focused on my values, pursue my goals and celebrate achievements along the way. I am thankful for Michelle’s coaching and support – I would recommend her to anyone pursuing coaching certification or starting a

– Julia R., Executive & Leadership Coach

“I am more aware of how my reactions, body language and tone affect the people that I lead. I have had people come up to me and say that they don’t know what I am doing, but they have seen changes in me that they really enjoy. I am now more aware of the possibilities that I have in front of me. I have always focused on the job at hand and not put any effort into the future. Now I am working on a daily basis to become a better leader which will give me more opportunities in the future.”

– T.N. Area Manager & Executive Leadership Program participant

“The coaching and the leadership program helped me with delegation. Michelle showed me that I was hurting my direct report’s ability to grow by micro-managing and doing the work for them. This change in my leadership has helped me to look at the big picture where my focus needs to be.

– R.B. General Manager & Executive Leadership Program participant

“Michelle’s ability to put things in perspective and her innate talent helped me to realize that different ways aren’t bad and change isn’t horrible. It’s just change. How I deal with it is the real challenge and only I can determine my attitude. Michelle is a very proactive listener and an upbeat coach.”

– Front-Line Leadership Development Program participant

The coaching helped me better understand how to handle employees and deal with difficult situations.”

– Front-Line Leadership Development Program participant

“Michelle’s empathy and guidance allowed me to identify needed changes in my leadership and lifestyle.  Michelle’s ability to coach me to an acceptance of needed personal and professional change contributed to my development and growth as a leader.  Due in large part to her efforts I have been able to incorporate the lessons learned from her coaching to achieve greater career success and balance in my personal life.  I would strongly recommend her as a development resource for those individuals who are interested in both personal and professional development.”

– P.J. – Energy Project Specialist

“Michelle is not only an insightful, thorough and diligent coach who cares deeply about her clients welfare, she is also creative, realistic about goals and fantastic at steering the process. Michelle gently guides her clients by listening to their interests and lifestyles. She then utilizes this information for homework or next steps which motivated me towards fun and accountability in the coaching process. She has been a tremendous help during my transition.”

– Amy K. Ph.D.

“I worked with Michelle for about 6 months during an important chapter of my life, when I was transitioning from building my own business part-time to taking the leap and going full-time. Her cheery disposition and easy-going energy made me comfortable from the get go. She created a safe and supportive space for me to express and work through the fears and old stories that were holding me back. At the same time, she easily called me out, called me forth, and held accountable to my own truth. Having Michelle as an ally during this time was a crucial part of my success and I’m grateful to the support and guidance she offered me.

– Sandra P. – Personal Trainer & Life Coach

“Michelle helped me to see things I wouldn’t have without her guidance, questions and insights. I had become too close to some of my life’s deep issues and couldn’t see the forest through the trees anymore. Michelle helped me back up so I could see the bigger picture of my life and goals and then helped me move forward in the direction I wanted to go.

She did this by listening to the deeper subtleties in my voice, and calling me on it! She heard things I didn’t even recognize were in the sound and manner of my communication. She also questioned me on things I DIDN’T say, which revealed deep-seated issues that I had lived with so long I didn’t recognize them in myself.

Michelle knew how to balance the good stuff, like the triumphs of my journey and past successes with the places where growth could be challenged, or where fear and even abundance issues still lurked. She probed with skill and courage and was not afraid to challenge me. She gave me exercises to do which proved helpful in allowing me to see myself in pragmatic and growth-provoking ways. All of this Michelle did with grace, compassion and wisdom. I would not hesitate to recommend Michelle to anyone I knew was interested in hiring a coach.”

– Rev. Dr. David S., Minister, author, performer

“Michelle gently and gracefully pushed me through the discomfort I was confronting when I was setting out to fulfill my dream of moving to Brazil from Canada. I had no idea what I was getting into, only that I wanted to do it! Michelle’s coaching gave me access to a perspective on my life through a photographer’s lens – beauty and light. I am now living every moment of my dream wholly and with full confidence. Thank you! “

– Zaynah K., Business Founder


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