Michelle Maloy Dillon, is a professional development and leadership coach, working with ambitious leaders to harness their own unique creative thinking, strategic planning and communication skills to make conscious positive change in their work and in their world.

Believing that everyone has the power to achieve his or her full potential, Michelle specializes in coaching men and women in leadership positions. For people who are identified as high potential leaders, Michelle helps them to lean into new responsibilities while maintaining balance and a clear view of their goals: consciously creating what they want the future to be. Michelle coaches leaders in humanitarian organizations such as The United Nations and UNICEF who are struggling with human rights violations and volatile political situations. She coaches them to identify strong values and to be clear about their life’s mission. Michelle also loves coaching small business leaders who are sometimes overwhelmed with their choices and uncertain of a direction that is right for them. The bottom line, is that she is passionate about working alongside people who are exploring new directions and are willing to lean into things that can sometimes feel a bit uncomfortable in order to grow and become stronger leaders.

Michelle has been coaching people throughout her entire career. She began her working life as a professional photographer, documenting events and crafting the images that people wanted to convey about themselves. In this process, she coached people to get in touch with who they wanted to be in the world. In her documentary work, she saw strong examples of leadership styles that worked well and others that didn’t at all. Inspired by her observations of unrealized potential in the people she often photographed, she began to wonder what a better use of her observations would be. Michelle always saw the potential in the people she photographed and this led her to become a certified professional coach with a focus on conscious leadership.

Michelle is certified as a professional Co-Active® coach (CPCC) through the Co-Active Training Institute, and is an accredited member of the International Coaching Federation (PCC). She is also a graduate of CTI’s 10 month Leadership Development Program. Certified in The Leadership Circle Profile, a 360 assessment tool to accelerate leadership effectiveness, Michelle utilizes tools to help people access strengths and overcome weaknesses in leadership.

Michelle has a passion for supporting new coaches. She is a faculty member for The Co-Active Training Institute, teaching coaching courses. She is a former co-leader for the Colorado Co-Active Coaching Community, designing skills building workshops and enhancing community. As a global CTI Regional Leader, she has supported Co-Active Community leaders to build strong community in their regions. She also serves as a credentialing coach for other coaches going through their training.

Living in Boulder, Colorado Michelle loves to hike and camp with her husband and two teenage children relishing in the challenge of being a conscious leader in HER world.

Michelle is certified in the following tools:

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